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Project concept:

MMR gathers several specialists from different agencies together for client’s task (perhaps on branding, researches, internet work, creative and BTL-services. Lab assistants get a task from the brand. They will have to provide the results of their work. Project briefing will be carry on at the first day morning. Project defensing and passing it to the client will be carry on at the second day evening.

Company keeps a sole right on the final decision concerning campaign realization.

Client has exclusive rights for all lab’s designs.

Project tasks:

· To support brands in getting vivid, out-of-box promo-ideas in unusual, publicity way (to get marketing products quickly and with great response)

· To provide an opportunity to try and to share new/modern techniques in idea creating.

· To share a positive experience in non-conventional marketing cooperation, to get knowledge, inspiration and emotions from the creative process.

What will you get?

· Logo (2 variants)

· Positioning and slogan

· Marketing-strategy

· Communication strategy ( all channels, including digital)

· Media-plan

· Basic layouts: print, outdoor advertising, brochure, web-site.

· Concepts of the event series: (presentations for partners, clients, opening)

· Publicity (if it’s necessary) and rights for all content produced during 2 days.

6 creatives of different specializing from different agencies + 36 hours = Marketing reality show MMR Lab

Superfast, super advanced and complex solution of creative task for the most progressive companies of the country.

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